Thursday, December 10, 2009

No Moleste

So I had a dream last night I just have to write about because... I don't know if it even amuses me, but it was just so weird.

So anyway, we've all had those dreams where our sleeping bodies actually have to pee so in our dreams we're looking for restrooms and it's usually very hard to find one that you can use. Which is actually lucky for us. Because no one wants to actually find a working facility and wake up to find they had an accident.

I had one such of these dreams last night. I was at an amusement park and totally had to pee. But I could only find one restroom and there was no door on the stall and it was pretty much just out in public so anyone could look it. (And believe me, they were!)

So no thanks to that. I kept wandering around, looking for a restroom and I found a kind of casino-like building and low and behold, right near the front doors is the men's bathroom. Clean, pristine and stalls and stalls everywhere. So I'm like "Score! The women's bathroom is going to have at least one working toilet with a door that locks."

I follow the hallway towards where the woman's restrooms are and I notice the lighting is getting worse and worse until I finally can hardly see anything down the hall. There are next to no lights down there at all. And I look on the walls and there's one of those signs with the stick figures on them. You know the ones that say something like "Please throw your trash away" or "Caution: wet floor"? Complete with picture.

This sign was exactly like that only it said "Please do not rape our female customers" WITH PICTURES. Seeing that sign and looking down that dark hallway, I was like "I can hold it."

Thursday, November 26, 2009

What does it mean?

So my sister and I were at a McDonalds last night and I heard a very interesting conversation. A mother was trying to explain to her daughter what the term "When hell freezes over" means. It was quite amusing and the little girl had many questions.

On a completely unrelated note, here's one of the pictures I took while on my Orengon vacation. It's definitely my favorite one. We were at the Portland Aquarium and there is a cylindrical tank full of jellyfish. I got on one side and took a picture of Kim and Neffie who were standing on the other side of the tank. It's kind of a fun picture. Click to see full size.

I'll be attempting to get the rest of my pictures up (there aren't many) at a later time somewhere for people to look at.

Friday, November 20, 2009

That's what I like!

So my friend Emily aka "Prowl" likes to make silly pictures every once in a while. I usually get them sent to me (among other things). This one always makes me smile when I see it. Robots holding suggestive objects. What's not to love?

And how about this piece of hotness? Prowl and bacon, what could be finer. It's like porn for me. I could stare at that yummy picture all day. LOL I don't care what you like, that's hot! XD

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Curiouser and curiouser....

So here is my first post on my brand new blog. I mostly got it so I can keep an eye on Neffie when she goes off to England. But maybe I can figure out how to do more with it. We'll see. One step at a time.