Sunday, March 25, 2012

Pony projects.

I've never talked about these on here before, but one of my new hobbies is restoring/customizing My Little Ponies. They were a large part of my childhood and the source of many good memories as a kid. As such, quite dear to my heart.

There is actually a whole collecting community out there. I'm not much of a collector, but I enjoy taking old, nasty ponies and making them look nice again. Here's a few of my recent projects: This is Locket, Fizzy and Seaflower.

Locket was a pony from my childhood, the other two were purchased online. Locket's hair was in horribly damaged condition and she was filled with black mold. Fizzy's hair was cut and damaged. Seaflower's hair was also badly damaged and she was covered with white paint.

Now these ladies are dazzling with their new hair dos. All hair was rerooted by hand and styled by me. I'm still a little girl at heart. I love playing with colorful hair.


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  1. They're so pretty! You do a great job on them! :-)