Saturday, August 14, 2010

Spider Early Warning System

So to tell this story, I need to explain a little background first. I have this friend Emily who is way into animal sciences. Like, she goes into the field professionally all week every week. And I told her once that I was VERY territorial about spiders in my living space and I kill them on sight with extreme prejudice.

She seemed to think that was a bit violent. According to her, she leaves toilet paper rolls on the floor of her bathroom so spiders can hide when she comes in. So we are so not on the same page of this issue.

However, I decided to try and see it her way when I found a small, brown spider already setting up camp in the corner next to my bathroom. Since he already had a web, he wouldn't be wandering around the place and I would know exactly where he was at all times. And since he's just a little guy I figured I could deal with this. So he's been my roommate for the past couple of weeks. I've fed him a few times since I worry he's not getting enough to eat. There are many spiders but not much prey at my place.

So I work up this morning and immediately check to make sure my spider is still where he is supposed to be, as I do every morning. And, instead of hiding in his corner, he is right on the very edge of his web as if in full alert. That worried me. I thought he might be packing up and moving somewhere else and that doesn't work for me and our arrangement.

But I go into the bathroom to do my thing and I see another spider that is 2 or 3 times bigger than my spider. It was ridiculously ugly as well. So I kill it with extreme prejudice as is my custom. Right after it's dead, my spider happily goes back to his corner and waits like normal.

And that's the most interesting thing to happen to me all week. Yay my boring life.


  1. killed his enemy. I do not think I could have a spider as a roommate though. Yuck!

  2. There is NO WAY I could have a spider roomie. You're so brave!