Thursday, November 4, 2010


So the next big thing that was taking up all my free time was Anime Banzai. This is the anime convention my friends and I built from the ground up and it has easily sucked all the life out of me which I probably could have used to do so many less stressful things.

This is our sixth year. We had a new venue and it was probably our best year yet. The word from the street is we finally hit our 3,000 attendance mark. I'm quite proud of that fact. We've been aiming for that number for the past few years. However, despite our highest attendance, we had the lowest number of volunteers this year which really made me worried. I have never worked so hard or got so little sleep at Banzai as I did this year.

Stories from the convention: Friday night was our formal. We were running extremely late do to the live show before it. And not only did it end late, but then the hotel staff was supposed to then remove all the chairs from the main events room. We're talking a massive, massive space full of chairs. How many hotel staff show up to move chairs? Two. All the others were attending the other rooms because we were behind schedule. So I had to scare up people to help move chairs pronto.

First, I grabbed as many staff members as I could find. It was like five people. So chairs were moving slowly but surely. Meanwhile, the line to the formal dance was massive, trailing clear out past the bar in the hotel. I had to do something. In line was a large Axis Powers Hetalia cosplay group all in military formal uniforms. (America was dressed in an old Civil War Uniform. They looked quite awesome.) So I walk up to them and was like "Do you guys want to get into the formal early? Do you mind moving chairs?" And they were stoked to help. We got those chairs swept out like nothing else. The dance was saved by Axis Powers Hetalia!

Saturday night, two cops show up, saying someone reported there was a vendor in our exhibit hall selling pornography to minors. *sigh* Stupid Utah. Thanks for calling the cops.

In most anime conventions, it's quite normal that some vendors dvds and comics with adult content, though they are legitimate businesses and they do card everyone they sell these products to. Because we are in Utah, we have it in our contracts that the vendors aren't allowed to bring 18 plus material at all. But sadly, it doesn't stop someone from bringing them every year.

But these cops came at 11 o'clock. The doors were locked and the vendors had gone to bed. Jose was the night chair so he took care of it and I was informed after they were gone that police were going to show up the next morning at SEVEN AM which ticked me off royally. Who gets up at 7 am? Really?

Long story short, I was also working that rave that night so I went to bed at like 3 am. Got up a little after 7, panicked because the alarm didn't go off, stumbled into some clothes and ran off to the convention hall with my sisters glasses before I realized I had the wrong ones. The cop was waiting for me and I had to explain to him 7 am was not a useful time as the exhibit hall was not open nor would the vendors be here until about 9:30. But I still took him into the exhibit hall and showed up the adult content that had been found the night before. He was really surprised about the adult dvds and managa that were there. I don't think he realized such a thing existed. He even called his supervisor. I was quite embarrassed. I promise not all anime fans are pervert freaks.

Anyway, we had a good talk with the vendor to ensure this doesn't happen again next year. And then I went on to work Sunday on about 3 hours of sleep with only 4 hours the night before. I FELT fine, but my sister Emi insisted I wasn't acting fine. I was not allowed to drive anywhere that day. >.>

Here's a collection of pictures from the convention. I'm just doing text link because there's so many.

Members of our staff:
Chu-Chu, Jessica, P-Chan and Eli. Taken on Thursday, our epic set up day of huge delayness. We were up so late and everyone was so tired.

My sisters and I Emi is The Great Seiya Man (DBZ), Addy is Yayone (Saiyuki) and I'm Cassandra (Soul Calibur II). These pictures are so grainy, it makes me sad. My camera is a pink piece of crap.

My sister made us Bubble Bobble Pajamas for the late night pj party. This is me laying on the floor because I was so tired and my sister took a picture of me. >.>

Addy and I Dressed for the formal. The wig I wanted for the dress did not come in the mail so I was stuck wearing this doll wig that's cute, but totally doesn't fit my face shape. I was Sakuya from Okami and Addy was wearing a uniform from Suikoden that she borrowed from Chu-Chu.

Making silly faces at the formal Julie, Heather, Addy and me.

More silly faces. Me making old lady face while Shannon is being derpy.

Shannon and Joy Dressed as Nurse Joy and Princess Tutu.

Diane dressed as Amy from Sonic the Hedgehog.

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  1. Looks like fun! Wish I could have been there!