Thursday, November 11, 2010


So on the 23rd of October, it was my birthday. And I never do anything for my birthday so this year I decided I would do something different. I decided I was going to rent a pavilion at the park and invite everyone out and have a super hero themed birthday party with lots of fun games and stuff. It was pretty crazy. I almost didn't have it in me after planning for Banzai, but I managed to get it somewhat put together. It was combined with Chu Chu and Skyler because both of their birthdays are in October as well.

Also, my friends Jackie and Emily keep talking about us all getting together somehow. And I just happened to mention this party and they decided to come out for that. These ladies live like on the other side of the country. (PS, if you want to travel, go into animal sciences. These two have been all over.) But they decide they're going to just travel on over to Utah and play around with me for the weekend, just for my birthday. Okay ladies, if you really think Utah is worth it.

But it was a lot of fun. Jackie insisted I take her bird watching so she could check off more birds in her little bird guide. And I took them to the zoo.

Emily and I at Subway. We are so happy to have cookies!

Here is the three of us with monkeys

Outside the leopard pen

The zoo was Friday. Saturday it freaking RAINED like nobody's business. I was a sad panda, it looked liked my birthday was going to get rained out. Then a little ray of hope shined through the clouds around 1 o'clock. Yes! The sun is out again! So we drive to the park and then it RAINS again and brings the COLD with it! It was so miserable. There was no way we could have a party. And everyone was cranky cuz it was hard to see and the park was hard to find and then we couldn't BBQ or anything. So I had to make an executive decision to pack it all up and go to... Wendy's.

So yeah, I had my super hero themed birthday party at Wendy's. I guess... it could have been worse, right? We still had fun. We played a make your own super hero game and got some GREAT characters out of that. Then we played a trivia game and had CAKE. And I totally forgot to take a picture of the cake, but it was a Spider-Man cake and it was awesome and delicious. But here's a few pictures from the party. Again, my camera is a piece of crap so the quality is lousy.

Emi dressed as Batgirl with Skyler in the background as Captain Hammer. Emi's boyfriend, now fiance Tom in the middle. And you can see the back of Kim and Shannon's heads.

Alison and Aleatha dressed as characters from the Sandman comics I'm not too familiar with it. Danny was V for Vendeta.

P-Chan, Noelle, and Jose

Jackie, Emily, and Heather Jackie and Emily were girl Robin and Starfire.

Joy, Sara, and Carissa

Skyler as Captain Hammer and Julie as Dr. Horrible ordering at the Wendy's counter.

Skyler and Emi looking at some of the super heros people drew.

Me dressed as Black Cat From the Spider-Man comics Jackie and Emily took me to Build-A-Bear, which is a place I have been wanting to go like my entire life. I will love them forever for getting me that bear. I totally got him a Batman outfit so he could come to the party. They make you name your bear, I did not know this. So the bear's name is Bruce. It's his secret identity. Sh-h-h, don't tell.

Robin trying to decide between Starfire and Batgirl

Group shot

So despite that it was at Wendy's it was still a fun birthday.


  1. 1. I think it's hilarious that it's at Wendy's
    2. Your costume is awesome
    3. I LOVED the Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer picture
    4. Emi's engaged?! Congrats to her!
    5. Happy Freakin Birthday (which should have been #1)

  2. I forgot to mention that I LOVE your Batman bear and that you named him Bruce! It's AWESOME! Some may even say dynamic :-)