Thursday, November 11, 2010


So I love to dress up for Halloween. And every year I dress up and go shopping. Sometimes people come with me and sometimes they don't. This year Joy came with me and she dressed as Nurse Joy from Pokemon. There was a guy at Hot Topic that said he loved her for dressing up as that character lol. I wore my Black Cat costume again. I totally love how it turned out. I want to wear it to ComicCon if I can go this year!

Joy happened to have her camera with her, so we have a few pictures. She thought it was funny to take pictures of me shopping for boots. Black Cat needs new boots! Furry ones with pompoms!

Shoes 1

Shoes 2

Shoes 3

Then we walked through sears and they had these headless manikins. So we had to take pictures there.



Then we stopped by the comic book store then Noelle and P-Chan's place for lots of good food and monster movies.

We watched Sharktopus! It's about a half-shark-half-octopus that kills people. It was freaking ridiculous and AWESOME! It could walk on land and stab people with its tentacles. I have never seen so many people die in a shark movie before. It was amazing! Go watch it!

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